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Mannheim Competition Policy Forum (MCPF)

The last couple of years have seen a remarkable increase in the application of economic insights to competition problems. In order to further promote and refine this development, practioners need to understand how microeconomics can help to shed light on particular aspects of competition problems. At the same time, academics benefit from a better understanding of real-world challenges and institutional details.

The forum aims at providing a platform for the discussion of recent cases, general competition policy issues, and relevant academic research in the field. Renowned practioners and academics will be invited to present their views on cases and general policy questions, followed by a discussion of the economic implications with the audience.


The series typically takes place on Thursdays during term in the Heinz-König-Hall of the ZEW Centre for European Economic Research, L 7, 1, 68161 Mannheim. Presentations start at 5.15 p.m. and last for up to one hour including questions. Afterwards, most participants stay for further informal discussions. Drinks and pretzels are provided. Presenters, dates and topics are provided in the schedule below.

Organising Committee

Kai Hüschelrath (ZEW)
Georg Licht (ZEW)
Martin Peitz (University of Mannheim and ZEW)
Wolfgang Briglauer (ZEW)
Dominik Schober (ZEW)

Upcoming Events

4 May 2017
Prof. Andrew Daughety and Prof. Jennifer Reinganum (Vanderbilt University)
Information Suppression by Teams and Violations of the Brady Rule

Past Events


02 March 2017
Prof. Carlo Cambini (Turin School of Local Regulation)
Regulation and Investment in European High-Speed Broadband Infrastructure

23 February 2017
Dr. Toshiaka Yamanaka (University of Tokyo)
Liabilities and Remedies of Directors and Officers: A Comparative Perspective


15 December 2016
Sandro Gleave (German Federal Cartel Office, Bonn)
It Takes Two to Tango - Merger Cases on Two-Sided Markets

01 December 2016
Dr. Dominik Grafenhofer (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods, Bonn)
Taste for Exclusivity and Intellectual Property Rights

24 November 2016
Pierre Régibeau (Charles River Associates and Imperial College)
Grantbacks, Territorial Restraints and Innovation

17 November 2016
Dr. Heiko Gerlach (University of Queensland, AUS)
A Model of Patent Trolls

27 October 2016
Thomas Plückebaum (WIK, GER)
Economics of Countrywide Broadband Roll Out: Infrastructure Competition, Wholesale Nationwide Tariffs, Limits of Profitability and Subsidies

19 May 2016
Friedhelm Dommermuth (Federal Network Agency, GER)
Level-playing field between telecommunications operators and Over-the-top players?

21 April 2016
Per Rummel (Monopolies Comission, GER)
Antitrust Class Actions: How This Issue is Being Addressed in Different European Countries

28 January 2016
Dr. Christian Jaag (Swiss Economics)
The More Economic Approach to Predatory Pricing

21 January 2016
Dr. Jens Perner (Frontier Economics)
Cross-Border Competition in Capacity Mechanisms?


10 December 2015
Prof. Yossi Spiegel (Tel Aviv University and ZEW)
Can Collusion Promote Sustainable Consumption and Production?

17 December 2015
Prof. Thomas Fetzer (University of Mannheim)
EU Net Neutrality Laws

21 May 2015
Prof. Christos Genakos (Athens University of Economics and Business, GRE)
The Impact of Maximum Markup Regulation on Prices

16 April 2015
Prof. Rune Stenbacka (Hanken School of Economics, FIN)
Personalized Pricing versus History-Based Pricing: Implications for Privacy Policy

19 March 2015
Prof. Franz Wirl (Universität Wien, AUT)
Wholesale Versus Retail Pricing with Downstream Firms ('Amazon' and 'Apple') that Add Value and Have First Mover Advantage

05 March 2015
Prof. Lawrence White (New York University Stern School of Business, USA)
The Credit Rating Agencies: An Analysis through the Lenses of Industrial Organization, Finance, and Regulation

26 February 2015
PD Dr. Jörg Jasper (EnBW, GER)
Do we Need a Reform of Electricity Market Design?


30 October 2014
Prof. Dr. K. Peter Mailänder (M.C.J., N.Y.U./ Haver & Mailänder, Stuttgart, GER)
Freedom of Media under Restraints of European Competition Law and Policy

15 May 2014
Markus Wagemann (
Federal Cartel Office, Bonn, GER)
Mergers and Cooperations in Mobile Telephony, Broadband and Cable TV – Convergence of Markets?

30 April 2014
Nicolas de Roos (University of Sydney, AUS)

Collusion with Intertemporal Price Dispersion

20 March 2014
Matthew Weinberg (Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA)
Efficiencies Brewed:  Pricing and Consolidation in U.S. Brewing

06 March 2014
Jörg Jasper (EnBW Karlsruhe, GER)
German Energiewende and electricity market design: Where are we and what lies ahead?
Due to illnes the event has to be postponed.

20 February 2014
Dennis Gärtner (University of Bonn, GER)

Corporate Leniency in a Dynamic World: The Preemptive Push of an Uncertain Future


07 October 2013
Sarah Cannevel (Federal Cartel Office, Bonn, GER)
Cartel Prosecution in Germany: A Spotlight on the Current Practice

19 September 2013
Robert Feinberg (American University, Washington, USA)
Does State Antitrust Enforcement Drive Establishment Exit?

12 September 2013
Adrian Majumdar (RBB Economics, London, GBR)
UPP and Price Pressure Tests - What Should the EU Learn from UK Practice?

29 May 2013
Julian Wright (National University of Singapore, SIN)
The Economics of Payment Cards

25 April 2013
Karsten Otte (Federal Network Agency, GER)
Rail Regulation - Cost Control Between Corporate Interests, Competition, and Transport Policy

21 March 2013
Alexandre de Streel (University of Namur, BEL)
The Antitrust Activism of the European Commission in Telecommunications

21 February 2013
Enno Eilts (OXERA, Brussels, BEL)
Quantifying Antitrust Damages


08 November 2012
Thibaud Verge (ENSAE Paris)
Do We Still Need Market Definition?

11 October 2012
Michele Polo
Antitrust in Innovative Industries: the Optimal Legal Standards

13 September 2012
John Davies
Trying to Put a Value on Competition Law Enforcement

10 May 2012
Maarten Pieter Schinkel
State-aided Price Coordination in Dutch Mortgage Banking

26 April 2012
Samuel Rutz
Towards Optimal Merger Notification Regimes: Some Insights from Switzerland

22 March 2012
Wolfgang Nothhelfer
Substitution Between Online, TV, and Other Types of Advertising

08 March 2012
Iris Henseler-Unger
Trading the Monopolist for the Regulator - A Choice Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea?

23 February 2012
Gabriel Lee
Entry and Competition for German Notary Profession


03 November 2011
Stefan Bühler
Making Sense of Non-Binding Retail-Price Recommendations

13 October 2011
Theodor Thanner
Evaluation of Competition Law Policy

29 September 2011
Miguel de la Mano
Using Economic Evidence in Merger Cases: Re- flections inspired by the Ryanair/Aer Lingus case

18 May 2011
Ariel Pakes
Upward Pricing Pressure: Its Usefulness and its Limitations

14 April 2011
Lars Persson
Entrepreneurial Innovations, Competition and Competition Policy

24 March 2011
Jan Brueckner
Product Unbundling in the Travel Industry: The Economics of Airline Bag Fees 

17 March 2011
Vincent Martenet
The Failing Company/Division Defence in the Swiss Newspaper Sector

03 March 2011
Cento Veljanovski
Use and Abuse of the Counterfactual in Competition Law

17 February 2011
Marc Ivaldi
Unsophisticated Assessment of the Impact of a Merger in the French Retail Banking Industry


02 December 2010
Massimo Motta
Exclusionary Practices: Theory and Practice

04 November 2010
Anthony Dukes
The End of the Robinson-Patman Act? Evidence from Legal Case Data

23 September 2010
Frank Verboven
Predicting the Effects of a Horizontal Merger in the Swedish Market for Painkillers

09 September 2010
Ralph Winter
Exclusionary Contracts

02 June 2010
Glenn Woroch
Merger in a Bidding Market: Quantifying the Unilateral Effects

06 May 2010
Daniel Zimmer
State Aid for Banks - An Evaluation of the European Commission's Recent Control Practice

22 April 2010
Gunnar Niels
Quantifying antitrust damages

04 March 2010
Michael Waterson
Aspects of competition in the electricity industry in the UK

18 March 2010
Mike Walker
How has Economics Made a Difference to European Competition Policy?

17 February 2010
Daniel Rubinfeld
Empirical Issues in Antitrust


10 December 2009
Benoit Durand
International Airline Alliances under Article 101 of the EC Treaty

03 December 2009
Hans Friederiszick
Competition between Railway Operators and Low Cost Carriers in Long-Distance Passenger Transport

19 November 2009
Christoph Riechmann
Competition Enquiries in the Dutch Gas Sector - Economics Put to Practice

05 November 2009
Ulrich Schwalbe
Leniency Programs - Economic Models and Legal Practice

29 October 2009
Szabolcs Lorincz
Use and Abuse of Quantitative Analysis in Merger Control

01 October 2009
Thomas W. Ross
Some Anticompetitive Effects of Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures

04 June 2009
Maarten P. Schinkel
On the Overcharge Method as a Measure for Antitrust Damages

28 May 2009
Justus Haucap
Competition and Price Discrimination in the German Mobile Telecommunications Market

30 April 2009
Peter Mollgaard
Fishy business: Multi-jurisdictional treatment of a horizontal merger in salmon farming

19 March 2009
Patrick Rey
Interconnection Agreements and Network Competition

05 March 2009
Michael Waldman
Competition, Monopoly and Aftermarkets


04 December 2008
Christian Ewald
Economics in Competition Law - Challenges and Desired Standards

06 November 2008
Gabor Kezdi
Estimating Switching Costs from Aggregated Data

09 October 2008
Yannis Katsoulacos
On Optimal Legal Standards for Competition Policy: A General Welfare-Based Analysis

11 September 2008
Jorge Padilla
Are Joint Negotiations in Standard Setting "Reasonably Necessary"?


Kai Hüschelrath, hueschelrath@zew.de