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The Mannheim Centre for Competition and Innovation (MaCCI) is a research association of ZEW and the Faculty of Law and Economics at the University of Mannheim. It receives funding from the State of Baden-Württemberg and the Leibniz Association. MaCCI strengthens the exchange between researchers of law and economics and, thus, gives impetus in terms of competition policy, regulation, and innovation.

Upcoming ZEW Summer Workshop for Young Economists 24-28 July 2017

19th ZEW Summer Workshop for Young Economists - Designing Institutions: Regulation and Markets


May 2017: Prof. Dr. Ralf Müller-Terpitz confirmed as KEK expert once again

At their meeting on 16 March 2017, the prime ministers of the States (Länder) confirmed Prof. Dr. Ralf Müller-Terpitz as an expert for the Kommission zur Ermittlung der Konzentration im Medienbereich (KEK) for five more years. Professor Müller-Terpitz is a member of the commission since 2009, inter alia as chairman and deputy chairman.

As a body of the state media authorities in Germany, the KEK has the task to ensure diversity in the media. Therefore, the commission monitors concentration developments within the national TV market and adjacent media-related markets. For a better integration of its media related expertise and due to its close contact to competition law, the federal legislator also envisages a closer cooperation between the KEK and the Federal Cartel Office in its 9th GWB-Amendment that will soon come into force. In the future, the KEK shall also be heard before granting a ministerial approval for mergers in the TV market.

The KEK consists of six independent experts and six directors of the state media authorities. The body of experts comprises professors for media law and media economics, two lawyers and one auditor.

May 2017: Special Issue in Review of Network Economics on the Economics of Energy Markets

The Review of Network Economics together with the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) and the Mannheim Centre for Competition and Innovation (MaCCI) announces a Call for Papers for a Special Issue on the Economics of Energy Markets.

The special issue will cover a broad range of topics which are fundamental to the energy industry. The non-exhaustive list of topics includes competition and regulation in electricity markets, investment in energy infrastructures, instruments to achieve environmental policy goals, energy demand, energy efficiency, and energy innovation.

The call for papers is linked to the Sixth Mannheim Energy Conference (11–12 May 2017) but is also open to other researchers. The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2017.

Call for Papers

April 2017: Programmes for Conferences in May Available

On 11-12 May the 6th Mannheim Energy Conference takes place with the 7th Innovation and Patenting Conference following up on 15-16 May. The programmes for both conferences are now available. Interested researchers, practitioners and guests may still register using the appropriate link on the conference page.

Programme Mannheim Energy Conference

Programme Innovation and Patenting Conference

April 2017: 10 MaCCI Members at the IIOC in Boston

The International Industrial Organization Conference (IIOC) annually assembles some of the best researchers in the field of competition and innovation. In 2017, MaCCI Members Niklas Dürr, Vitali Gretschko, Michael Hellwig, Reinhold Kesler, Bettina Peters, Dominik Schober, Olga Slivko, Hidenori Takahashi, Emmanuele Tarantino and Nikolas Wölfing seized the opportunity to present their work to the audience in the United States.


March 2017: Report on the 6th MaCCI Annual Conference

On March 16 and 17 the sixth edition of the MaCCI Annual Conference took place. A long report is now available.

March 2017: MaCCI Activity Report

The 2016 MaCCI Activity Report is now available. The report gives an overview of the MaCCI activities in 2016.

February 2017: Programme for MaCCI Annual Conference Available

On March 16 and 17 the sixth edition of the MaCCI Annual Conference will take place. The programme is now available. It features almost 50 presenters in parallel sessions, a keynote speech by Massimo Motta and a plenary session on the analysis of bidding competition in merger cases. Interested practitioners and researchers are welcome to attend. Please register by filling the form below.

2017 MaCCI Annual Conference Page


Registration for Non-Presenters

February 2017: MaCCI Supports Summer Schools for Young Researchers

Summer Schools are a wonderful opportunity for young researchers to receive intensive training in their field. Moreover, they allow the participants to get to know other young researcher who work on related topics. MaCCI is encouraging its doctoral students and postdocs to participate in these events. Moreover, MaCCI is also supporting two summer schools in the competition and innovation field this year. These are the Competition and Innovation Summer School (CISS) and the ZEW Summer School on Design of Institutions: Regulation and Markets. The CISS, which was held in Turkey until 2015, had to be cancelled last year for political reasons. However, this year the event will take place in a new location: Cala Liberotto/Orisei, Italy. In Mannheim, ZEW organizes a summer school every year, with the topic changing according to the preferences of the organizing department. This year, the organizing departments are “Competition and Regulation” and “Market Design”. As in previous year, the ZEW Summer School which the Heinz-König-Award for the best paper. This award comes with a grant of EUR 5,000 and a three-month research stay in Mannheim. Details on both summer schools and information how to apply can be found on the official websites.

Competition and Innovation Summer School

ZEW Summer School on Design of Institutions: Regulation and Markets

February 2017: Speeches by MaCCI Members Guide Researchers and Practitioners

Whereas MaCCI organizes many topical conferences and workshops itself, part of our mission is also to present the results of our research at other events to researchers and practitioners of other institutions. This also allows us to receive valuable feedback. Of course, it is not possible to list all external presentations given, but two important upcoming presentations should be mentioned here. First, a keynote speech by MaCCI Senior Member Martin Peitz will be the highlight of this year's Swiss IO Day in Bern on 9 June 2017. Secondly, a particularly remarkable achievement is that MaCCI doctoral student Niklas Dürr's paper "Does State Aid for Broadband Deployment in Rural Areas Close the Digital and Economic Divide?" attracted the attention of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States. Niklas will present his paper in Washington D.C. on 5 April 2017. He will be one of the youngest presenters up to date in the renowned series of economic seminar of the FCC.

Further information on the Swiss IO Day

Further information on the FCC's Economic Seminars