The Mannheim Centre for Competition and Innovation (MaCCI) is a research association of ZEW Mannheim and the Faculty of Law and Economics at the University of Mannheim. The aim of MaCCI is to foster interdisciplinary research in the area of competition, regulation and innovation policy. MaCCI research contributes to fundamental problems in economics and law as they apply to competition, economics of innovation, and regulation. Core research topics include digital markets and platform economics, competitive effects of mergers and acquisitions, consumer search, public and private enforcement of competition law and innovation. About 70 researchers are members of MaCCI. Each year, MaCCI (co-)organizes a number of conferences and workshops for both young and experienced researchers to strengthen the exchange between researchers in the fields of law and economics. 

You can find detailed information about all MaCCI activities in the annual activity reports:

2023 - MaCCI Activity Report
2022 - MaCCI Activity Report
2021 - MaCCI Activity Report
2020 - MaCCI Activity Report
2019 - MaCCI Activity Report
2018 - MaCCI Activity Report
2017 - MaCCI Activity Report
2016 - MaCCI Activity Report
2015 - MaCCI Activity Report
2014 - MaCCI Activity Report
2013 - MaCCI Activity Report

More condensed information can be found in the MaCCI Letter. On two pages, it provides recent research highlights and the most important recent news from MaCCI.

December 2023 - 8th MaCCI Letter
December 2022 - 7th MaCCI Letter
December 2021 - 6th MaCCI Letter
December 2020 - 5th MaCCI Letter
December 2019 - 4th MaCCI Letter
December 2018 - 3rd MaCCI Letter
December 2017 - 2nd MaCCI Letter
December 2016 - 1st MaCCI Letter