The Mannheim Centre for Competition and Innovation (MaCCI) is a research association of ZEW and the Faculty of Law and Economics at the University of Mannheim. MaCCI strengthens the exchange between researchers of law and economics and, thus, gives impetus in terms of competition policy, regulation, and innovation.

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Digital Economy Scholars Flock to ZEW for Annual Conference

On 27 and 28 June, 2024, more than 80 researchers gathered at ZEW Mannheim to participate in the 22nd ZEW Conference on the Economics of Information…

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MaCCI / JRC Digital Economics Workshop

On 26 June, MaCCI and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission jointly organized a half-day workshop on digital economics. Researchers…

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MaCCI Law & Economics Conference on Recent Developments in Merger Control

The 13th edition of the MaCCI Law & Economics conference was held on 20 and 21 June. Organized by MaCCI senior members Jens-Uwe Franck, Volker Nocke,…

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MaCCI Summer Institute

This year's Summer Institute in Competition Policy was held on June 10-14 in Annweiler. MaCCI researchers and invited scholars presented a diverse…

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Heike Schweitzer passed away

Heike Schweitzer passed away on June 11 at the age of 56. We all are losing a brilliant law scholar and intellectual leader in competition law. MaCCI…

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Second CREST-Mannheim Workshop

The second edition of the CREST-Mannheim workshop (also known as "Journées Mannheim-Palaiseau-Paris") took place in Paris and Palaiseau on May 16-17. Researchers from CREST and MaCCI met in Paris and Palaiseau to discuss recent research on price discrimination, merger control, platform pricing,…

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MaCCI IO Day 2024

This year’s MaCCI IO Day was held on 24 May 2023. More than 30 members gathered for a day of presentations and discussions of papers on pricing (and "shrinkflation"), privacy, competition with recommendation systems, procurement, and trade. We were particularly happy to welcome Yossi Spiegel, who…

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03.05.2024 - 05.05.2024

Ten MaCCI Researchers Present their Work at the IIOC in Boston

MaCCI was well represented at this year’s International Industrial Organization Conference in Boston with ten of its members. Mathilde Cappelletti, Jacopo Gambato, Bernhard Ganglmair, Nadine Hahn, Daniil Larionov, Robin Ng, Volker Nocke, Helena Perrone, Luca Sandrini, and Nicolas Schutz presented…

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03.05.2024 - 05.05.2024

Volker Nocke wins Robert F. Lanzilotti Prize in Antitrust Economics

The article “Acquihiring for Monopsony Power” by MaCCI Researcher Volker Nocke and co-authors Heski Bar-Isaac (University of Toronto) and Justin Johnson (Cornell University) has been awarded the Robert F. Lanzillotti Prize for the best paper in antitrust economics presented at the International…

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MaCCI Member speaks at the IMCO Meeting of the European Parliament

MaCCI Director Martin Peitz made proposals on the enforcement of the Digital Markets Act as an invited expert to the meeting of the European Parliament's Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO).

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