The Mannheim Centre for Competition and Innovation (MaCCI) is a research association of ZEW and the Faculty of Law and Economics at the University of Mannheim. MaCCI strengthens the exchange between researchers of law and economics and, thus, gives impetus in terms of competition policy, regulation, and innovation.

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MaCCI Members Contribute to ACE Conference

MaCCI Members Volker Nocke, Helena Perrone, and Kevin Remmy participated in the Annual Conference of the Association of Competition Economics (ACE), which took place from 16-17 November in Edinburgh. Nocke was the academic discussant in the special plenary case session on the Microsoft / Activision…

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MaCCI Member Joins the Board of the RAND Journal of Economics as Associate Editor

MaCCI Member Nicolas Schutz has become associate editor of the RAND Journal of Economics.

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Thirteen MaCCI researchers presented at the EARIE Conference in Rome

This year's annual meeting of EARIE in Rome featured a large number of presentations from MaCCI researchers:

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International Scholars Discuss Digital Economy at ZEW

On 6 and 7 July 2023, the ZEW Research Unit “Digital Economy” hosted the 21st Conference on the “Economics of Information and Communication…

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MaCCI Researchers at CRESSE 2023

Five MaCCI researchers, namely, Jacopo Gambato, Nadine Hahn, Martin Peitz, Helena Perrone, and Anton Sobolev, presented recent research findings at the 17th Competition and Regulation Summer School and Conference (CRESSE) in Rhodes. In addition, Martin Peitz taught in the summer school of CRESSE to…

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MaCCI Member Peitz at the Korean Fair Trade Commission

MaCCI Director Martin Peitz gave a lecture on German competition policy developments regarding Big Tech at the Korean Fair Trade Commission. He also had various exchanges on developments in competition practice in South Korea.

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MaCCI Members Franck and Peitz Experts at German Parliament Hearing on the Eleventh Amendment of the German Competition Act

MaCCI Directors Jens-Uwe Frank and Martin Peitz were two of the eight experts who spoke at the expert hearing of the German parliament on the eleventh amendment of the German Competition Act.

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