Summer Institute in Competition Policy

The MaCCI Summer Institute in Competition Policy aims at hosting a small group of leading competition economists to present and discuss recent advances in the academic literature. The total number of participants will not exceed 25. We want to maintain a workshop atmosphere: There will be at most three presentations per day.

Past Events

Kurhaus Trifels, Annweiler, Germany, 16–20 August 2021

Programme (as PDF, 227 KB)

Schloss Burgellern bei Scheßlitz, Germany, 17–21 June 2019

Programme (as PDF, 101 KB)

Kurhaus Trifels, Annweiler, Germany, 1115 June 2018

Programme (as PDF, 453 KB)

Schloss Romrod, Germany, 1216 June 2017

Programme (as PDF, 389 KB)

Schloss Burgellern, Germany, 2024 June 2016

Programme (as PDF, 381 KB)

Schloss Gracht, Germany, 2226 June 2015

Programme (as PDF, 128 KB)

Romrod, Germany, 2327 June 2014

Programme (as PDF, 50 KB)

Edesheim, Germany, 1014 June 2013

Programme (as PDF, 103 KB)

Deidesheim, Germany, 47 June 2012

Programme (as PDF, 136 KB)

Speyer, Germany, 1317 June 2011

Programme (as PDF, 50 KB)