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Best Paper Award for MaCCI Doctoral Student Stefan Weiergräber

MaCCI doctoral student Stefan Weiergräber has received the first Econ Job Market Best Paper Award by Unicredit & Universities Foundation for his job market paper, entitled "Network Effects and Switching Costs in the US Wireless Industry."

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MaCCI Law Professor Müller-Terpitz Becomes New Head of KEK (German Commission for the Determination of Concentration in the Media)

Ralf Müller-Terpitz, who joined the law department of the University of Mannheim and MaCCI in 2013, was elected to be the new head of the KEK commission, which is in charge of securing the plurality of opinion in nationally-transmitted private television. The vote for Müller-Terpitz was unanimous…

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SEEK-BRUEGEL Workshop on Legal and Illegal Cartels in Europe

On September 10, MaCCI Researchers Konrad Stahl and Kai Hüschelrath gave presentations at a joint SEEK-BRUEGEL Workshop on legal and illegal cartels in Europe. The half-day event attracted both academics as well as practitioners and was the final event of two cartel-related SEEK projects. The…

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MaCCI Research Presentations at EARIE Annual Conference

MaCCI researchers Raffaele Fiocco, Sven Heim, Kai Hüschelrath, Christian Köhler, Michael Kummer, Ulrich Laitenberger, Yanping Liu, Andras Niedermayer, Martin Peitz, Bettina Peters, Fabienne Rasel, Chengsi Wang, Stefan Weiergräber, and Nikolas Wölfing presented ongoing research at the 41th Annual…

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MaCCI Contributions at CRESSE

At this year's CRESSE annual summer school and conference, MaCCI senior members Volker Nocke and Martin Peitz will teach during the summer school. Volker Nocke will teach on the economics of mergers, Martin Peitz on competition and regulation in two-sided markets. At the CRESSE conference, Volker…

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German Science Foundation (DFG) Funds MaCCI Project by Nocke and Peitz with 480,000 Euro

The German Science Foundation (DFG) funds the project "Vertical Relations and Market Structure" by MaCCI senior researchers Volker Nocke and Martin Peitz for another three years from fall 2014 to fall 2017. Nocke and Peitz start with the observation that firms with market power are pervasive not…

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Conference on the Economics of Information and Communication Technologies

On 16 and 17 June 2014, MaCCI and ZEW held the 12th Conference on the Economics of Information and Communication Technologies. The conference aimed at discussing recent scientific contributions to the economics of information and communication technologies (ICT) and the economics of ICT industries.…

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Mannheim Energy Conference

On 5 and 6 May 2014, MaCCI and ZEW held the third Mannheim Energy Conference. The conference attracted about 90 international energy experts from science, politics and industry and covered 41 presentations in 5 parallel sessions. Special highlights of the conference were the four keynote lectures…

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New Research on Market Structure, Collusion and Mergers at MaCCI IO Day

At the MaCCI IO Day MaCCI researchers present ongoing research internally. This time six presentations and discussions centered on market structure, collusion and mergers, and more than 35 MaCCI researchers were in the audience. In particular, an empirical investigation into gasoline markets…

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Best Paper Award for Volker Nocke

At this year's International Industrial Organization Conference (IIOC) in Chicago, MaCCI Senior Member Volker Nocke has been awarded the 7th Annual Robert F. Lanzilotti Prize for the Best Paper in Antitrust Economics. The paper entitled "Internal vs. External Growth in Industries with Scale…

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