The Mannheim Centre for Competition and Innovation (MaCCI) is a research association of ZEW and the Faculty of Law and Economics at the University of Mannheim. MaCCI strengthens the exchange between researchers of law and economics and, thus, gives impetus in terms of competition policy, regulation, and innovation.



Virtual seminar series on consumer search

MaCCI will host a series of virtual seminars on consumer search starting in October. The series is co-organized by MaCCI researcher Daniel Savelle.

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MaCCI Webinar for Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

MaCCI member Bernhard Ganglmair discussed the findings of his recent study on the effects of competition on productivity in Germany in a webinar with members of the economic policy department at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The study was funded by the Bertelsmann Stiftung…

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MaCCI Launches New Virtual Seminar Series on Privacy and Competition

MaCCI and the Collaborative Research Center Transregio 224 "EPoS" at the University of Bonn and the University of Mannheim have launched a new virtual seminar series, organized by MaCCI members Eleftheria Triviza and Bernhard Ganglmair.

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Second MaCCI Career Day

The MaCCI association organised the second MaCCI Career Day for competition economists. Students had the chance to talk to the economics consultancies CompassLexecon, CRA, e.ca, Nera, Oxera, RBB as well as to the German Cartel Office and the German Monopolies Commission.

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MaCCI Member Martin Peitz at ACE conference

At this year's annual conference of the Association of Competition Economics in Copenhagen, Martin Peitz  contributed to the plenary panel…

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MaCCI Member Martin Peitz on Digital Platforms in Brazil

At the second Rio Conference on Advances in Competition Policy Analysis, Martin Peitz gave an invited lecture on "Antitrust in the Attention Economy"…

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14.11.2019 - 15.11.2019

MaCCI Law & Economics Conference 2019: Intellectual Property Proceedings

The 2019 MaCCI Law & Economics Conference took place on 14 and 15 November at ZEW. For this year’s topic “Intellectual Property Proceedings” we were…

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MaCCI Competition and Regulation Day 2019

This year’s MaCCI Competition and Regulation Day was hosted by the economics department at the University of Mannheim. It is an annual workshop for…

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